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Jessica Eppler is
Clandestine Amigo


Jessica Eppler creates a mix of darkly poetic, R&B inspired rock. Backed by Mr. Fancy Pants, Michael Wooten on drums, Kyle Donovan's effortless guitar skills, Jeff Cloud's steady bass lines and Giselle Collazo's dynamic vocals, Clandestine Amigo brings a smooth and seductive sound to the stage. Other secret friends may pop up at various shows.


Lead Vocal, Keyboard / Jessica Eppler

Drums / Michael Wooten

Electric Guitar, BGVs / Kyle Donovan

Bass / Jeff Cloud

BGVs / Giselle Collazo




11/17 The Old Gallery

Songwriters in The Round

14863 Colorado Hwy 7 Allenspark, CO



12/1 Left Hand Brewery 12/8 High Hops Brewery

1265 Boston Ave., Longmont, CO 6461 CO-392 Windsor, CO 80550

5:30pm 5pm

5-piece Band Solo




If you want to hear the newest music from clandestine amigo, visit the patreon page at patreon.com/clandestineamigo


Music by Jessica Eppler


The Perennial Pattern
By Jessica Eppler
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