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Jessica Eppler is
Clandestine Amigo


Jessica Eppler creates a mix of darkly poetic, R&B inspired rock. Backed by Mr. Fancy Pants, Michael Wooten on drums and Kyle Donovan's effortless guitar skills, Clandestine Amigo brings a smooth and seductive sound to the stage. Other secret friends may pop up at various shows.


Lead Vocal, Keyboard / Jessica Eppler

Drums / Michael Wooten

Electric Guitar, BGVs / Kyle Donovan

Bass / Jeff Cloud

BGVs / Giselle Collazo




8/16 pizza bar 66                         8/17 Chuburger

With Special Guest Foxfeather                          1225 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont, CO

430 Main St., Lyons, CO 80540                          6pm

9:30pm                                                 Solo

5-piece Band

9/12 Rosalee's Pizzeria             9/15 ArtWalk Longmont

461 Main St. Longmont, CO                             Main St. Longmont, CO

7pm                                                   6pm

Duo                                                   5-piece Band

9/20 Still Cellars w/Bonnie Sims

1115 Colorado Ave., Longmont, CO


$15 cover



Music by Jessica Eppler


The Perennial Pattern
By Jessica Eppler
Planted in the Wind
Velvet Syntax Recordings
Still No Empty Sky
Velvet Syntax



If you want to hear the newest music from clandestine amigo, visit the patreon page at patreon.com/clandestineamigo